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Slider on Asteria Lite

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    First, thanks for this beautiful theme and forgive me for my unperfect english… not my mother langage.
    I have a question about the slider, i would like to have only one kind of transition: “fadein” and not the “panels” or “cubes”, is it possible ?

    Thank’s a lot



    Towfiq I.


    open up javascript.php and replace the word random with fadein



    Beautiful Theme Towfiq! Its lovely. I have a question about the transitions of the slider. Is there a way to transition smoothly instead of seeing the blocks that fly across the screen? Thank you!




    how can I do to see the entire images of the slider without scrolling up or down with my mouse ?


    Towfiq I.


    Olive, Open up javascript.php and replace 'random' with 'fade'

    Hautecoeur, can you elaborate please..



    Just in case you didn’t understand what I was asking in my previous post, I am trying to find a transition on the slideshow that fades more gently than the blocks that are the normal transition of the slide show. Any information is welcome, because the overall feel of this theme is excellent. Please respond.



    on my macbook 13″ in the first page with the slider, I see the slides but not totally, to see the bottom of the slider, I must use the mouse to scroll down, is it possible to arrange the settings to see the total images of the slider without scrolling on any display, or not ?
    Thanks a lot
    Jean Michel



    Thank you so much for the lovely theme! I am having the same issue as Eve above. I upload my images to the slider, save and they are there. But then when I go to another page or change anything else my images in the slider dissapear. Is there a fix to this? Thank you!


    MainStreet Lansing


    I am new to Word Press and am trying to change a Website that was created using your theme: Asteria Lite. I upgraded to Pro for more versatility. I have made many changes but somehow I deleted the main slide on the front page. I have gone to Appearance/AsteriaOptions/Slider. I have put in a title but the buttons do not seem to work. I click on ADD Slide and nothing happens. I click on Upload and nothing happens. Can I choose an image from the media library? How can I get 1-3 slides on the slider for the top of the front page when I can get nothing to load? I am doing this is a volunteer for an organization and working from home.



    I was unaware that I was posting on the forum. I thought I was responding in email. Would you please delete my email address from the post from MainStreetLansing?


    Towfiq I.


    Olive whats your site address? is the slider transition slow?


    Towfiq I.


    hautecoeur whats your site address? looks like we have to define a max height value, so it doesnt exceed a specific height.


    Towfiq I.


    Amber Please make sure each of your slides has a title. the title field of each slide is required.


    Towfiq I.


    @mainstreetlansing which browser are you using?can you try this with Chrome or Firefox?



    MainStreet Lansing


    Towfiq: Thanks for the Asteria theme. I posted once before and then included my email which you so graciously deleted for me. Thank you so much!
    Anyway: I read all the way through the documentation and have tried to follow the directions. These are my issues in addition to the slider not working.
    1. Have tried all this in Firefox; tried slider change in Firefox and Chrome. I have not tried IE.
    2. Slider will not allow me to put on any image. I do not see a button or anything that says “Add New”. There is an “add slide” button at the bottom after all the information. If I click on that or upload, nothing happens. I put a title in; still nothing.
    3. Header MAIN STEET LANSING and LANSING IA – how can I change fonts? Cannot find anywhere to change those. I have tried in typography logo and nothing changes.
    4. Color change on sidebar will not stay (even though I switch it and save and publish.
    5. Can’t change color of titles on Recent Posts Widget on SideBar
    6. Can’t move elements on Front Page
    7. I downloaded from Asteria as a zip and then uploaded it and not from the email link so I don’t know if that makes a difference and the file was corrupted or what.. The email went to my junk mail so I did not see it until today. I thought about trying to reinstall it from that email but it says the link has expired.
    Our website is: if you want to look at it. Thanks again!!


    Towfiq I.


    these issues sound very weird.. can you disable all the plugins and see if the theme options are working right.

    You can you can download the theme from “Your Downloads” section from the top of this site.




    I’m trying to use the slider. Is there a way to keep the two original images from the free version? I’d like to keep those two and then add my own afterwards.


    Towfiq I.


    Please download the slide images from this link:

    then setup slides with these images.




    does any of your themes use Revolution Slider? – major hole in security.
    Just checking

    All the best


    Towfiq I.





    Excellent theme. One of the best I have seen.

    How do I change the slider size so it is only about half height as it is now?

    many Thanks
    Great work



    Created a site- using Asteria Lite. The custom home page is set as front page. The Nivo slider doesn’t show up. What could be the reason. ? Did not change the slides. Want the original slides for the site.



    Created a site- using Asteria Lite. The custom home page is set as front page. The Nivo slider doesn’t show up. What could be the reason. ? Did not change the slides. Want the original slides for the site



    qho to display ad absence integration ?


    Towfiq I.


    Lakshmi Please go to Settings> Reading and set your frontpage to your “Your Latest Posts”

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