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Slider on Asteria Lite

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    First of all i would like to say thank you for the great Theme! It is my fist time using WordPress, so its a bit of a learning process.
    I am using the Asteria lite theme and i have created a slider, but nowhere on my home page is there any way of inserting the slider. I have looked at the Asteria lite specs and it says that there is one slider that we can use. Is this correct? Your help will be very much appreciated.

    The site is


    Yves Vidal


    I am also a very beginner with WordPress and Asteria Lite but I recently ran into the same issue. The Lite version allows only one slider which is on the main menu page (the Theme properly speaking). If your Home page does not corresponds to the main page of the theme, then you cannot have a slider.

    Now the Slider on the main page can have more than 3 slides: mine is running perfectly with 12 of them.

    I will leave Towfiq add some additional information. I was just sharing my recent issue which happened to be the same as yours.



    Towfiq I.


    Yves is correct. You will need to Go to Settings> Reading and select “Your Latest Posts” as frontpage to see the slider.



    Hi, I installed the asteria lite theme but I’m not able to find the place to change the picture in the slider. I go under theme options but there is only the link to the background but not to the slider. How can I change the photos of my site?
    Please help,
    Thank you


    Towfiq I.


    To setup the slider, Go to Appearance> Asteria Options> Slider


    Matt Maldonado

    Is there a way to keep the sliders without titling each one?

    I have the pro version.



    Towfiq I.


    Add this to your Custom CSS:



    Elana G

    I having an issue with slider responsiveness. I need to ensure the content of my slides is displayed fully across devices, so set my images to 1600×500 px. However, when viewed on smaller screens, there is a large margin of white space between the slider and the welcome text. Is there a way to shrink this while maintaining responsiveness/keeping the entire image in the frame?

    Thanks, great theme.


    Towfiq I.


    Go to Asteria Options> Slider and put “auto” in slider height field.

    Then add this to your Custom CSS:



    First of all thank you so much for Asteria Lite it is such a beautiful theme.
    I am concerned about how the slider has stopped to load on my mobile Chrome. I have upadted it recently from Play Store so I do not know if this is related, but the slider used to show up fine and now it does not. On the same device it works in the stock browser, but not on mobile Chrome. It shows up on the laptop also. Can you help me?


    Towfiq I.


    whats your site address?



    It is not visible just yet. But I sorted it out anyway it does work now. Thank you very much for having offered to help.



    Thank you for a beautiful Theme. I’m checking it out for future clients. When I add a few slides to the slider, it shows them on the front page as promised.
    2 issues:
    1. on loading the first page, the second slide flashes below the first, then the slideshow works fine. I’ve looked a several of the other sites posted on your forum, and this is not happening on them. Perhaps I’ve done something wrong?
    2. I load a few slides, then go back to add some more, and the original slides i added are not there. if I add a few more, then only these new ones show, and this repeats with the second two slides that were added, not in the slider options.
    My conclusion is to add all the slides at one time. However, this is weird behavior. Is it supposed to be this way? In writing this issue to you, I have just added 8 slides, and when I click save, they no longer appear. However, except for the flash of the second slide below, they appear correctly on the front page.
    URL is http://evelurie/07
    Many Thanks,
    eve lurie


    Tran Hieu

    Firstly, I want to thank you about your great, It’s a beautiful theme.
    I don’t know why but when I want to customize my slide, I go to Asteria option -> slider, and the upload button doesn’t work, so I can not upload picture to my slide. Plz help me solve it??



    thanks for letting us as have many slide as we want. but i am facing an issue here. once i add slides and go to my home page, slides are getting displayed properly. but when i move to some other tab in Asteria options, the slides will be gone. i have done Go to Settings> Reading and select “Your Latest Posts” as frontpage to see the slider.
    still not working. can you please help me out



    heyy i got i reseolved…thanks 🙂



    First, thanks for the great theme. The usability of it is amazing. I do, however, have a question. I want the slider to be about 500px in height and show all of the image I set for it, but the image keeps blowing up and cutting off the majority of the image. Is there a way to prevent the image from enlarging in the slider?

    Thanks again!


    Towfiq I.


    @Cory Go to Asteria Options> Slider and put “auto” in slider height field.



    I have chosen to have a static first page as I am using my page as a normal website, not as a blog. Does this mean I cannot use the slider of this theme?

    Second: When I remove description and title of a slide, the slide is deleted completely from the slide show setup… A bug or intention?

    Beautiful theme!


    Towfiq I.


    1. yes you can only display the title on the frontpage if you select “Your Latest Posts” as your frontpage settings. Although you can modify some files to display the slider on a specific page.

    2. Each slide must have a title at-least.



    Hi Towfiq,

    Great theme!

    The standard slider (type Nivo) is not appearing on my home page. I can add a slide, but this is the only one that appears. I add another and the previous is discarded. Hence, only one slide is ever shown.

    When I view the source code I detect that some details are missing…

    <div id=”zn_nivo” class=”zn_nivo”></div>

    Please advise. Tks.


    Towfiq I.


    Make sure each of your slides have a title.



    Thanks, all titled, but the problem remains… slide only!

    Can’t see the original slides and the “Add Slide” button doesn’t appear to do anything.



    is that possible to hide bullets and navigation arrows if there’s only a picture loaded in the slider?
    (i’ve also tried some code i’ve found in the net to solve it, but does not work at all…)

    thanks a lot


    Towfiq I.


    Add this to your Custom CSS:


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